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Harley Quinn Costume Guide for Halloween

Excited for Halloween? We all are! Let’s start the preparations. This Halloween forgets about creating your looks. What about the creative fusion of Halloween and costume party? 

We are planning to surprise our fellows with this innovative idea of celebrating Halloween with

the little touch of fan game. If you are interested then we have one more thing to suggest to you. It’s a costume suggestion. Oh yes, it’s for all of the girls out there. What about your favorite character Harley Quinn? Imagine yourself in a costume of your much-loved character. Are your pulses getting excited? If yes, then this piece of writing is for you. Keep reading.  

We heard that you are a great fan of Harley Quinn. Is that so? If yes, then get ready to portray her character through your looks. Would you like to connect yourself with your favorite celeb? This time, instead of wearing zombie style go all crazy with celeb look. 

By the way, don’t get too excited, you need to consider what styles you are going to carry exactly and what thing you will be customizing. We know that you love the way she appears- powerful, confident and oh, quite weird. But not everything suits to everyone so you need to keep this in your mind before going all crazy with the Harley Quinn looks. 

Don’t worry; no one is asking you to eliminate the idea of wearing Quinn outfit. You can use the technique of customization. Let us guide how you can remake the looks of your favorite character, without going too weird or losing the charm.  

Get sassy with suicide squad

When we talk about the ideal character Harley Quinn, there come many highlights of her roles. It is because this character has beautifully performed each role that it becomes too hard to choose in between one. If you liked the one in suicide squad then dress up yourself accordingly. To get up like a daddy’s little monster, all you need is a studded belt, boots with a long heel and white color and a Harley Quinn suicide squad jacket, specifically of suicide squad. 

Now let’s come to the makeup thing. Just take a bit whitish foundation, yes, this time you need to make a cakey face. Apply red lip color with matt texture gets your fingers on the rose-pink eye shadow. Take your brush tool in your hands and get ready to hit on the floor just like your favorite character. 

Kill them with looks and become a prisoner

Isn’t this idea sounds pretty much fascinating? Well, you don’t even have to invest a lot to go for prisoner looks; all you need is a tank top and few other accessories which can add in the touch of realism. And oh, don’t forget to buy those pink slippers, all covered with soft wool. Wonder how you will look with those fascinating criminals get up. Ever saw Halloween from this fantastic side? I'm sure you haven’t.

For makeup, don’t go too heavy. You can even open the picture for the reference. Just keep your shades light and the features sharp. Applying nude eye shadows with the little touch of grey tints can give you an absolute bold yet killing looks. Whereas in accessories, taking a book with some mysterious title could be the best option. Though for those two hues of ponytails, you can get your hands on the hair chalk and can turn your hair in pink and blue. Get all drown in the character to feel the vibes of it.  

Be classy with Arkham knight costume

Wearing a Queen’s character doesn’t ask you to be creepy always, you can even be classy. If you don’t want to compromise on your style then Arkham knight is your fashion. Get your hand on this classic women Halloween costume and mark your appearance as classy as bossy. 

For Arkham knight, you need long boots, bold Black Hand covers, maybe an Arkham wig and a Harley Quinn bat. One thing which you need to keep in mind that wearing a costume and all accessories is not enough. You must know how to carry them. Apart from this, you need to create a smoky look with winged liner and black blended eye shadow all on your eyes. Assure to make cat-eye look. 

Quinn’s nurse costume

If it’s Halloween, then it doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to go for suicide squad looks only. Harley Quinn is itself a name of the creepy yet crazy character. So, going for a nursing costume could be a good choice as well. Do you know what is the most amazing thing about this get-up is? You don’t have to invest a lot in makeup. 

Just get yourself a mask, apply hair spray on your hair and give low curls. But wait; don’t forget to buy that broad black mask, a big injection and those sharp log boots- all heavy and edgy in looks. Feeling thrilled? Well, you should be. After all it's about changing your personality into a complete fan bases moment- admirable and unforgettable. 

Additional accessories

In case, if you are not interested in wearing the complete getup of Harley Quinn then wearing accessories like hand bands, neck chokers, a wig can also add in a touch of Harley’s character. So, if you are not feeling comfortable in being all crazy, then harmonize your hues with elegance and creepiness. After all, it’s about fun. This year, make the best from your outfit and mark your presence with all audacity and class! 

Are you excited to hit on the party with allure? Actually, we are very excited! Wonder celebrating Halloween and costume party, all together. This means- double the theme, double the joy. As the occasion allows you to endeavor any look. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your costumes, start your preparations now and go from lady to crazy, within the hours to cherish an occasion of Halloween. 

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