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Privacy Policy

Our customers’ privacy is important to us. This policy covers the basis of our collection procedure. By this policy we will inform you that when you visit our website or become our customer or distributor what personal data we are going to collect. We will also inform you that how leather chase or other persons or entities will use your information. With this information you will know the distribution and use of your information, your option to change or update your information. By this policy you will find the security process to secure your privacy which we have developed.

Information Which We May Collect

You can give us information about your personal identity when we may ask you at different stages (e.g., your name, address, city, email address, zip code, bank information related to deposits / fees banking phone number, credit card information, etc). Leather chase hopes that you will give us correct information. Please inform us if you do not want to reveal the personal information. When you visit our website you may give us non-personal identifiable information (e.g., your IP address, domain name, browser type, and others). To improve content and functionality of the site we combine and check your information which we collected.

Use of Information

The information which you submit allows us to use it for different purposes and we will inform you about it at the time of collection.

Security of Our Data

While we collect your information we do all safety measures and apply effective methods to prevent the unauthorized use of your personal data. As you know no system is 100% secure. During your data transmission to our website your information may leak or access through our tight security settings, but we will try hard to secure your personal data. We are not responsible for any loss of your information which is done by a crack in your private information or your use of the site.

Integrity of Data

While we are collecting your personal data because of those purposes for which it is needed to develop the relationship with the dealer and business relationship with customers be kept on active system. Leather Chase will do all steps to make sure that the information is correct and complete.

Our Commitment with the Policy

Leather Chase is very careful about our customer privacy. If you are not satisfy with our policy or if you feel that we are going against our privacy policy, please register your complain to our contact address or call us. Describe full detail about your complain as much as possible. You can contact to customer relation officer if you do not get any response or having problem in sending you complain. We will do our best to solve your issues and give you the best services.

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