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Animal Welfare

At Leather Chase, Animal Welfare is one of our top priorities and we make sure to play a significant role in protecting endangered species. To ensure animal wellbeing, we strictly make sure to keep animal sufferings in mind and not go overboard with type of leather for the sake of exclusive fashion of leather jackets. We have a strict animal welfare policy which is religiously followed by us so that no animal is harmed merely for fashion purposes; especially the endangered species. If in case you are also highly concerned about awareness and measures taken for animal wellbeing, following are the main points of our policy.

  • We mention all the important relevant information about the product on our website.
  • We strictly make sure to avoid using skins of endangered species.
  • We do not trade for lavish animal skin.
  • All the leather used is locally manufactured as we don’t import it from other countries.
  • The animal skin we use is only of the animals that are used for meat production.

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