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Return Policy

Change Defective Product

Satisfy yourself with the product which you have purchased. If the order appears to be defective, the customer must register the existing damage of the product at the delivery time and contact us at contact section of the Leather Chase. In this way you can claim your purchase price and the delivery amount will be refunded. If you are fail to register the damage in the event on this website, we will not take any responsibility of your damage or refund your purchase price.


You can return purchased product due to the following reasons:

  • Damaged or bad condition of the product.
  • Purchased product is different from the ordered one.

In both conditions, Leather Chase takes responsibility of ship-to and ship–return and exchange cost. We will return your money; you are not bound to keep the products.

(You can request for refund within seven days of receipt of order. It cannot be more than a week.)

We strongly recommend you to handle the product or unpacking it with extreme caution. We will not take any responsibility of the disoriented or damaged product after its use (including unpacking).

Please contact us in the contact section of Leather Chase before returning any product and leave notice at the website. Return product in the same condition which it was at the delivery time and return its original wrappers and packing without any damage. We strictly advice you to do not accept opened sealed product returns (blister, transparent boxes ...). Leather Chase is committed to customers’ service. If you are agreed to our policy and legal conditions then place your order on our online Leather Chase and take advantage from this facility.

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All of our leather jackets are made from original leather in the best quality.

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We offer a full refund policy in case of unsatisfactory products and other issues.