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Buyer's Guide

If you are planning to buy a leather jacket, it is important that you are fully aware of where and at what you are spending money at? Leather jackets are quite popular in the fashion industry and also for fighting the harshness of weather. However, often we are not fully aware of the detailed specifications of a leather jacket and that makes us spend more money than usual. To avoid overspending, get full understanding on the type of leather, its quality, and the types of jackets available in the market.

At Leather Chase we have the best of everything including the leather type, color, quality, and jacket styles. However, we find it only fair to let our customers have complete knowledge of the things they are spending money on as well. Read the buyer’s guide and then choose your custom leather jacket accordingly to get exactly what you want to slay your outfit.

Leather Jacket Outlook

Firstly, you need to identify the purpose you want the jacket for. It could either be for winters to protect yourself from the cold, or it could be for casual summer and spring wear. The winter leather jackets are cozier in feeling and have a warm internal lining to trap the heat of your body inside. However, the spring/summer leather jackets are extremely lightweight and are used merely for warmer season. In other case, there is also an option of removable lining which makes the winter jackets even more usable and economical. You can get this type of jacket to make it usable for all seasons or you can get specific ones from the respective seasonal collection.

Leather Classifications Types

There are different qualities of leather available in the market. The price varies according to the quality of leather and so does the durability and comfort. You must know which leather type you want and what your budget is. It will help you to save quite a lot of bucks and additionally, increase your knowledge. Following are the three main types of original leather we use to design and stitch the best genuine leather jackets.

Cow Hide It is made from the skin of the cow and is the most preferred leather type for jackets. It is heavy in weight but has an excellent water and wind resistance. Additionally, it is stiff on the outside which makes it long lasting. However, considering the qualities, it is the most expensive leather type out there.

Buffalo Hide The buffalo hide is almost similar to cowhide. However the only difference is that buffalo hide has much more visible grains on the leather. Also, it is comparatively cheaper than cowhide leather.

Sheep and Lamb The sheep and lamb hides have extremely fine and supple grains which gives the leather a smooth look. It has a perfect balance between comfort, style, and toughness. Sheep and lamb hides are highly suitable for bomber jackets, reefers, and women leather jackets.


The type pf leather is not the only thing that you must check while purchasing a leather product, rather the leather finishing should be checked as well. At Leather Chase, there is a huge variety of various leather finishing and you can select the one you would like to pull off.

Top-grained – This type of leather is used in almost all leather accessories. It is quite easy to maintain and have a tough look. It is extremely durable as well, but it is quite heavier in weight.

Napa / Nappa – The Napa / Nappa leather is made from unsplit skin and it is extremely soft and comfortable. The finishing is velvety and smooth. It is highly durable and resistant to water and cold as well. It is one of the finest leather types used in a lot of leather products especially the jackets.

Aniline – It is a very delicate leather type which gives a soft and comfortable look. Usually it is dyed to remove any marks and blemishes. For custom jackets and colors, mostly Aniline leather is used.

Nubuck – The Nubuck leather type is quite similar to suede, yet different from each other. It is sanded to give a soft velvety touch to the end product. The major difference between the two is that Nubuck is sanded on the inside, while the suede is sanded on the outside.

Suede – Suede leather is sanded for a soft velvety touch. It is used in a lot of leather products including jackets, shoes, and bags etc. It is sanded from the outside.

Leather Jacket Categories

There are a number of different kinds of leather jackets and it is often observed that the people purchase the jackets without understanding the type and its suitability. At Leather Chase as well, there is a vast variety leather jacket categories.

Biker Leather Jackets

Biker leather jackets are tough in quality and have high resistance against wind and water. It has proper zip fastening at the front and cuffs to ensure no wind enters while biking. Furthermore, usually the shoulders and arms are padded for added protection. It is always slim-fit to avoid wind buffeting.

Bomber Leather Jackets

Initially these were called as the military jackets. It has soft and warm internal lining with mostly rib-knitted cuffs and hemline to prevent the heat from escaping out. Bomber jackets are usually loose in fitting and it is often not completely water resistant.

Leather Blazers

Blazers are basically the long coats worn for fashion or for weather protection. The leather blazers can be worn for casual and formal both events. It gives a classic subtle look to any outfit you wear and it is more common among the women.

Reefer Leather Jackets

Reefer leather jackets are simple and elegant leather outfits suitable for the people who prefer simplicity and elegance. It is almost similar to the leather blazers. However, reefers have a much more casual touch to it and cannot be pulled off at a formal gathering.

This is all the main information regarding leather and leather jackets. For any further guidance, you can reach out to our customer support team so that they can guide you with whatever you are seeking assistance for.

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