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Future Of Fashion Technology

Is there any sector left in the world that technology has not yet impacted? Even fashion has been one of its targets. Automation and technology have been integrated into this world and it’s changing the course of it. Here are a few innovations that will lead the future:

Artificial Intelligence

The future of fashion technology is going to be shaped by Artificial Intelligence. It’s going to help the brands to predict the future fashion styles and plan ahead. It will also help in merchandising by making the product more available and delivering it to people faster.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has enabled a connection between the virtual world and the real world. Customers can buy before looking at how the dress looks on them in a smart blended reality mirror. This will help them to make the right choice and also lower the chances of them returning the product back.

Contactless Payment Integration

Contactless payments will allow making payments without checking out and without the help of sales people. Customers will just have to use their Smartphone’s or smart watches. Normal clothes will turn into smart clothing and this way, stores can also prevent any kind of thefts. You can also easily buy leather jackets online.

Elastic Textile Display

A device that will be able to deliver your biometric data to the cloud through designing clothes that contain ultra thin elastic display that fits on the skin and can sensor the moving waveform of an electrocardiogram which will get recorded by a breathable. These particles will be called skin electronics.

Bacterial Textile Dyes

To deal with environmental pollution caused by the fashion industry, such bacterial textile dyes are being introduced that will prevent pollution and replace chemical textile dyes and conventional plant dyes.

Solar Power Fashion

Outfits that will have miniature photovoltaic cells in them are in process. This technology is going to be used as a designed element than something that will increase the camouflaging effect.

Illuminated Embroidery

Imagine clothes having embroidery that glow. There is nothing more beautiful than this. Clara Daguins models came up with this technology. Basically, they will add circuits, integrated filaments and sensors to make it glow. The world runway is going to shine with people wearing such clothes.

3D Printed

A fabric that will go along with your body and its movements resulting in a snake-like skin has been created by a New York-based fashion label, the threeASFOUR. They basically used the 3D printer to come up with this. The stuff includes sacred geometry and animals of wildlife. They want to create a bridge between man and nature.

Virtual Fashion

The virtual fashion is just like all other virtual worlds that will bring out our individuality and who we are. It will use algorithms to predict the trends that are going to rule the industry in the future. It will be a door to freedom from norms.

Interactive Dresses

A Chinese-Canadian designer Ying Gao was able to create dresses that were capable of silently noticing us, communicating with us and silence us. It’s the most independent form of it and it will question how we treat each other.

All-Round Sneaker

Sneakers that will be able to count the miles we have travelled through walking, binds itself and also has a controller that monitors the temperature is into creation by Nancy Karim Oumnia. This sneaker is being designed in a way that it will also be capable of predicting diseases and eventually, replacing the doctors through built-in sensors.


In short, the above mentioned are a few innovations that are in the process all because of science and automation and this will modify the world of the latest styles and trends.


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