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Early Black Friday 2019 Sale Alert - The Offers You Have Been Waiting For!

November has started and our excitement is shooting. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and right after the day, we will witness the biggest sale of the year. Yes, Black Friday is fast approaching and this means everything will soon be available at discounted prices.

Be it mobile phones, cars, fridge, clothes or makeup, on this lucky Friday you can buy almost everything at affordable prices. Heck, you can even buy a “Cook like a man” course at a discount this year (FYI, it’s available on Udemy). So, this isn’t a day you will like to miss out. After all, who doesn’t love discounts?

Business on this day also means huge revenues for brands around the world. From the start of November, brands and websites start advertising their discounts and products to attract the maximum audience. Some of them even offer early-bird discounts, way earlier than the actual day. And guess what? If you look around, some brands and websites have already started offering discounts. What, really? Yes, mate! Shopping on this day is definitely a ride and we are here to make it less bumpy for you.

What can you buy this year on Black Friday?

We know that with so many options available, it can become difficult to choose the products you should buy or the deals you should avail on this day. After all, the more choices, the more you want to buy things. But the budget still matters. You can fall in the trap of impulsive buying and buy products not worthy of a single penny.

Therefore, we went on a hunt to get the best deals being offered this year. We simply searched “Best black Friday deals 2019” and evaluated the best e-commerce websites and their products. We focused on leather apparel first, as winters are almost here and leather outfits are simply best to wear.

Our research landed us on a great website that is offering up to 60% discount on leather apparel, this year. And the best thing is that you can avail these discounts today. Yes, way before the actual day. We are talking about leatherchase.com. And below, you will find a list of leather apparel that we have shortlisted from their store to buy this year. To choose these, we focused on the quality, design, stitching, and discount offered. And with each product, we’ll tell you what you should look for when buying leather outfits. Let’s dig in:

1. Money Heist Raquel Murillo Black Leather Jacket

Discount offered: 53%

Price after discount: $285 $135

If you watch Netflix or know anything about TV shows, then you must be aware of Money Heist, a popular Spanish show. We all know that when something catches hype, the demand for its products eventually rises. This jacket is designed on the same philosophy, inspired by the character of Raquel Murillo of the show. This leather jacket is stitched using top-notch leather and viscose lining. And no matter which leather apparel you buy, the foremost thing to focus on is the quality of the material used. Faux leather is something you should stay away from always. Nevertheless, the quality of this jacket truly is- worth the price.

2. The Walking Dead Negan Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Discount offered: 60%

Price after discount: $186 $75

One of the ways to save more money this time is to buy products that are already cheap in prices but are being offered at discounts. And this is why the Negan Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket stole our attention. With a staggering 60% discount, you can get this jacket under $100. But this doesn’t mean you should compromise on the quality. Every single dollar you use should be worth spending. And, fortunately, this leather jacket is both high-quality and sturdy looking. So, if you want a fabulous looking jacket but don’t want to go overboard with the price, this is the one you should be buying.

3. Last Christmas Kate Red Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Discount offered: 50%

Price after discount: $299 $149

We don’t know about you but we all love the color red. After all, it’s sleek, trendy, and simply outstanding. Therefore, we had to search for a red product. Luckily, we found this motorcycle leather jacket at Leather Chase and simply loved it. The jacket is a replica of that worn by Emilia Clarke in the movie Last Christmas, and this is one of the key features of outfits you should focus on. If you are buying a character inspired outfit, you should ensure that every single detailing of the apparel is the same as that shown on the screen. After all, you are buying a character inspired outfit and not a rip-off.

4. LC Insulated Brown Leather Jacket

Discount offered: 48%

Price after discount: $240 $125

Winters are coming, and there’s no better day than the day after Thanksgiving to invest in some holiday apparel. One of the reasons why leather jackets are adored around the world is the comfort and coziness they provide. Therefore, this winter you can buy this insulated brown Leather Jacket and stay comfortable in the harsh season. The jacket is made from premium material, like shearling fur. On the front, it has a double fastening so you can stay warm and comfy. At this price, you won’t find a better leather outfit.

The Final Takeaway

Black Friday will be here in the blink of an eye and you won’t like missing out on the best deals of the year. Instead of waiting, you should start making your shopping list and researching the products you can buy. If you want leather apparel, the above-mentioned jackets are the perfect ones to get this year. Find more products at leatherchase.com , Good luck!

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