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Dark streets, intimidating lanterns, scary creatures and chants of “Trick or Treat”. Halloween is weird, spooky and simply the best time of the year to put on a show. Singlehandedly with a costume, you can steal all the limelight of the day. And why not? Halloween costumes give you the chance to simply dress up in any way or like anyone you want. Now the question is whether you have chosen your costume yet or not.

Halloween started as a huge bonfire party by the Celtics, around 2000 years ago. The last days of the summer brought the end of the harvest period. The Celtics believed that during the end of the season, the boundary between the worlds of humans and spirits used to slightly fade away. Thus, to cast away all the bad spirits and ghosts, the community used to dress up in a frightening way and dance around the bonfire. Today, All Hallows’ Day or simply Halloween is a popular occasion and the Celtics’ custom of dressing up is still followed.

Every year on 31st October, people, especially in America, celebrate Halloween. It comes one day before All Saints Day. The celebration became popular in America because of the Irish Immigrants who brought the traditions with them. Although the Celtics idea of spirits coming to Earth is no longer believed, today Halloween is celebrated in remembrance of all those deceased, including the saints.

From scary attires to funky decorations, people prepare for Halloween with great enthusiasm. Houses are made spookier with pumpkin lanterns, fake ghosts, and spider webs. Halloween-inspired chocolates and treats are distributed. Black cats are avoided at all costs. No one wants bad luck. But the best part of Halloween remains the spooky outfits and makeup people wear to live up to the traditions of the occasion.

We all love attending costume parties. By this time, you should have decided what to wear at the next Halloween party. You haven’t? Don’t worry. Here are some of the spookiest yet trendy Halloween jackets & coats you can try out:

  • The Last-stand Spiderman Leather Jacket

If you are looking for superhero cosplay jackets, then what’s better than a Spiderman-inspired leather jacket? Made from high-quality leather and viscose lining from the inside, this jacket will be the most comfortable attire to wear at the party. Plus, nothing gets better than a black spider logo embroidered on the front. This will be the best choice for this year’s Halloween.

  • Eddie Brock Venom Black Leather Jacket

Another superhero jacket that is super comfy yet sturdy-looking. Who doesn’t love the color black? And with venom styled logo in the front and high-stand collar, this jacket will allow you to replicate the fierce look of the Venom.

  • Ryan Gosling Collar Coat from Blade Runner 2049

If you are looking for something simple this Halloween, a coat inspired by Ryan Gosling will be the perfect pick. Mid-length coat with shearling fabric, notch lapel style collar and magnetic button conclusion, this outfit is enough to make you the center of attention.

  • Injustice Gods Among Us Harley Quinn Leather Jacket

Nothing gets perfect for costume parties than this stylish and cheeky real leather jacket. Bright-colored, attractive and the complete replica of the jacket from the movie. With study detailing, padded shoulders and high-erect collar, this jacket will make you a trendy fashionista even on Halloween.

Your search for the perfect Halloween costume should be over by now. No matter what kind of look you want, everything is available at our store to fulfill your fashion dreams. Every single piece of attire, at LeatherChase, is stitched with only the best material. Be it leather, interior lining, studs, zippers or collars. We also allow you to customize your outfits in any preferred way. Yes, from color, size to the number of pockets and just about anything. And this all comes under affordable prices. Halloween is just around the corner, so what are you waiting for?

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